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Cerutti -

Research Associate Ph.D. 2010, University of Grenoble, France Gamow Tower - Room: F815 Email Address Phone: (303) 492-0425


I am doing theoretical high-energy astrophysics. My research activity is dedicated to the modeling of radiative processes in the environment of black holes and neutron stars where particles are accelerated at high energies. I am interested in binary systems where a black hole or a neutron star is orbiting a normal star, in particular those emitting energetic gamma rays. These objects are excellent laboratories to study the physics of particle acceleration and the formation of relativistic outflows at small spatial scales. In collaboration with Prof. Dmitri Uzdensky, I am currently interested in radiative processes in the context of magnetic reconnection in high-energy-density astrophysical plasmas. This research applies to extremely energetic astrophysical events such as magnetar flares and gamma-ray bursts.

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