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Tobin Munsat - Associate Professor

Tobin Munsat  Associate Professor
Director Ph.D. 2001, Princeton University Gamow Tower - Room: F827 Email Address Phone: (303) 735-5596


My research follows several lines of study, including fluctuation measurements in plasmas, the relationship of turbulent quantities to cross-field plasma transport, and the microphysics of dust impacts which drive dusty plasma equilibria.

My diagnostic work on larger devices primarily includes data analysis and velocimetry analysis from a number of tokamak diagnostics. This work is performed in collaboration with PPPL (NSTX), UC Davis (microwave imaging systems for ASDEX, DIII-D, and KSTAR), POSTECH (KSTAR collaborator) and the FOM Institute (ASDEX collaborator).

I am also the deputy director of the Institute for Modeling Plasma, Atmospheres, and Cosmic Dust (IMPACT), one of seven centers within the NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI). The program of our center is the experimental and theoretical investigation of the lunar surface and other airless bodies, including dusty plasma and impact processes, the origins of the tenuous exospheres, and the development of new instrument concepts. The centerpiece experimental facility is a 3 MV hypervelocity micrometeoroid accelerator which is capable of launching micron and submicron-sized particles at speeds up to 100 km/s into a variety of targets