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Scott Robertson - Professor Emeritus

Scott Robertson  Professor Emeritus
Fellow Ph.D. 1972, Cornell University Gamow Tower - Room: F819, (Lab) Duane Physics G322 Email Address Phone: (303) 492-5565


Professor Robertson does laboratory experiments relating to dust in ionospheric and space plasma. Exploration activities on the surfaces of small moons expose robotic instrument to hazards from the dusty soil. The dust is exposed to solar UV and the solar wind causing charging of the dust particles which enhances dust transport. Laboratory experiments are aimed at understanding charging mechanisms in dusty plasma environments. There are smoke particles in the ionosphere from the ablation of meteors that collect charge and create dusty plasmas. These particles are probably the nucleation sites for mesospheric clouds. Professor Robertson continues to develop rocket payloads for launch into the polar mesosphere to determine the location and charge to mass ratio of these particles.


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Basic laboratory plasma physics

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