Purchasing for University Use

  1. Find a funding source.
    • If you wish to purchase your computer using sponsored project funds, i.e. from a grant or contract, it must be a line item in your approved budget. If it is not, you must get approval from the Director of Office of Contracts and Grants before placing your order.
    • Faculty may purchase a computer every 4th year with a subsidy of $1200 from ITS through the faculty computer purchase program.
  2. Select the computer you will order. (See information on computer equipment vendors below.
  3. In order to pay for the purchase you have 2 options: If you have a CU purchasing card (ACARD) and a high enough limit you may use your card otherwise see Carolyn James and she can assist you with making the final purchase.
    • If the total cost is over $4500: In order to request a purchase requisition, send your quote to: Email Address
      A sole source or sole vendor justification may be necessary. Form)

How to find the best prices for computers.

Windows/Linux Computers

Dell computers for university use must be purchased through the Dell Premier website. This is the only way to get the tax exempt status, extended warranty deal, and the free shipping negotiated by the State. Save your order as a web proposal. If you decide to order through Dell, you'll need to setup a Dell Premier Account. You can do this at the Dell Website.

The Dell website also offers educational discounts for personal purchases through it's CU-Boulder portal.

It is possible to purchase other brands of computer for university use, but it is important to ask for an educational discount and all orders must be tax exempt. Most manufacturers have an educational purchase website or have a phone contact that can place the order if checkout indicates tax will be charged

Often Dell, Apple, or another computer manufacturers will hold a special on computers that are cheaper than the educational discounts offered through University sponsored retailers. (And sometimes these can be combined with educational discounts.) Up to date lists on computer sales can be found all over the internet but one of the best place to find cheap computers to order online is at Dealnews, they keep updated lists for Apple and PC Computers.

Apple Computers

The CU-Bookstore sells Apple computers at educational pricing, additionally the CU-Bookstore gets volume pricing on orders and can often provide an additionally discount when ordering for university use. Carolyn James can contact the bookstore and arrange the order.

Online educational pricing for university use is availiable at Apple Online Store for Education Individuals. This website allows you to create a quote that can be saved and ordered from your authorised purchaser.

Educational discounts are availiable for personal purchases at the Apple Online Store for Education Individuals

Occassionally online pricing may be cheaper than the university discount, Dealnews is often a good site to search for lower priced Apple computers.

Additional Assistance

For help, CIPS employees may e-mail Email Address
Additionally the Finance & Procurement Help Desk can provide assistance via phone or email at (303) 837-2161, or FinProHelp@cu.edu