Approving Expense Reports/Authorization Requests

This is the electronic signature process to approve an expense report or authorization request pending your approval.

  1. You will receive an email notification that a report is pending your approval.
    1. Log in to the expense system
  2. At your Concur home page select the Expense tab In the upper left hand corner.
    1. Select Approve Reports
    2. Select appropriate Expense Report or Authorization Request
  3. On the Expense List page, review the transactions included in the report.
  4. Verify receipts by
    1. Going to the receipts drop down menu, and click check receipts
    2. Make sure all receipts are attached and legible
  5. Approve the Expense Report.
  6. If you find an error made by the submitter or the report needs more information:
    1. In the upper right corner click Send Back to Employee
    2. Add notes to help the submitter fix the problem.
  7. Otherwise, if everything is fine:
    1. Click the Approve button
    2. If Approval Flow window appears verify approvers and click Approve

Additional Assistance

For help, CIPS employees may e-mail Email Address
Additionally the Finance & Procurement Help Desk can provide assistance via phone or email at (303) 837-2161, or