Adding Card Charges

  1. From the Expense List page of your expense report click Add Card Charges.
  2. Check boxes next to transactions you would like to add to the expense report. Then click Import.
    1. The transactions will now appear on the Left side of the screen

To Itemize (Not required for all charges)

  1. Select one of the transactions on the Left side of the screen and fill out the required transaction information in the fields on the right.
  2. It is important to create a unique and specific business purpose for each transaction. Suggestions include cardholder name, vendor name, and purchase details.
  3. Click Itemize.
  4. Complete the transaction details for this part of the transaction.
  5. If needed to fully itemize the transaction, click Add Another Itemization and repeat the previous step.
  6. Once the transaction is fully itemized, at the top of the Itemization tab the Total Amount and Itemized Amount will be equal and the Remaining amount will be zero.
  7. Click save.

To Allocate (Required)

  1. Select the transaction you wish to allocate and fill out the required transaction information.
    1. To allocate multiple transactions at once, check the box above the transactions on the Expense list
    2. Then click Allocate
  2. Next search for an appropriate Speedtype and select.
    1. To enter new Speedtypes click New Allocation
  3. Click save and repeat for each transaction.
  4. A pie chart symbol beside a transaction indicates it has been allocated. Be sure each transaction and sub transaction (itemized) is allocated before beginning Submission process.

To Attach Receipts

  1. You may attach one file with all of the receipt images for the entire report or you may attach multiple files.
  2. In the upper left area of the report window, there is a pull down menu for Receipts, choose Attach Receipt Images.
  3. This will open a new window that will allow you to browse your hard drive for the file to attach.
  4. Select the PDF file (3 MB limit per file) with the receipt image.
  5. When the file appears in Step 2 click Attach.
  6. Repeat as necessary until the appropriate documentation is provided for the expense report.
  7. From the same pull down menu choose Check Receipts to verify your receipt files are correct and legible.

Additional Assistance

For help, CIPS employees may e-mail Email Address
Additionally the Finance & Procurement Help Desk can provide assistance via phone or email at (303) 837-2161, or