Certifying and Submitting Expense Reports

This is the electronic signature process to submit your expense report. The University is adamant that each employee completes this step for him or herself.

  1. You will receive an email notifying you that your report is ready for certification and submission.
  2. Log into your MY.CU portal by:
    1. Navigating to my.CU.edu
    2. Log in using your identikey and password
    3. Select MY.TOOLS tab and click the Open CU Expense System button
  3. In the Active Work Section under the Expense Reports tab select the report you wish to submit.
    1. Review the transactions in this report
    2. Verify receipts by:
      1. Going to the Receipts drop down menu, and click View Receipts in New Window
      2. Make sure all receipts are attached, correct and legible
  4. Submit report by clicking the Submit Report button in the Upper Right hand corner
    1. In the Final Review window click strong Submit Report again
    2. If Approval Flow window appears click Submit Report again, then close
  5. At this point, your report is successfully submitted and your Approving Official is automatically notified of the submission. You can log out.

Additional Assistance

For help, CIPS employees may e-mail Email Address
Additionally the Finance & Procurement Help Desk can provide assistance via phone or email at (303) 837-2161, or FinProHelp@cu.edu