Reviewing your Delegates

Periodically it is a good idea to review who your delegates are and to keep this list updated. Follow the instructions in Setting Delegates and update as needed.

  1. When we migrated to the expense system many people were added as delegates for you. Not all of them need to remain your delegates. Please remove any unnecessary delegates.
  2. You will want to provide your prepare delegates with "Can Prepare" and "Can View Receipts" access. You also should decide who should receive the automatic email notifications. Most of your delegates do not need to receive these notification. If you have any questions, ask your prepare delegate if she/he would like to receive the email notifications.
  3. You will want to provide your Approve Delegates with "Can Approve" and "Can View Receipts" access. Ask your approve delegate if she/he would like to receive approval email notifications.

Additional Assistance

For help, CIPS employees may e-mail Email Address
Additionally the Finance & Procurement Help Desk can provide assistance via phone or email at (303) 837-2161, or